Product catalog in PDF

Rosmini Graphic Supply Corp: Equipment and supplies for pressroom and bindery
• Ink Fountain Liners: and supplies for all Heidelberg presses
• Wash Up Blades: metal/rubber, plastic, urethane - for all presses
• Filters: oil, air, water – for all major brands of pumps and circulators
• Anti-Marking materials: Super Blue, glass beaded blankets, TY paper, PrintGuard
• H.S. Boyd: Litho Perf, Litho Score, Micro Perf
• Cloth Wash Rolls: for all presses, blanket and back cylinder, dry and wet
• Suckers, Sheet Separators, Belts, and Brushes
• Oxy Dry Spray Powder
• Blanket converter: carrying major brands of printing unit and coater blankets